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Direct Mail is the Only Way to TARGET Your Customers!
ASAP has the lists to target consumers or businesses to maximize
your results. Have your own list? No problem. Our data specialist
can combine lists and remove duplicates.
Consumer Lists
- Saturation
- Property
- Apartments
- Demographic (age, income, children, rent/own, pet owners, etc.)
- Lifestyle (hobbies, interests, net worth, high income earnings
- Mortgage Related
- Auto/Boat/Motorcycle Ownership
- Professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, etc.)
Business Lists
- Business Type
- Number of Employees
- Sales Volume
- National or Local
- Department or Title

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What sets Direct Mail apart from all other advertising is the ability to target your message to consumers or businesses who should have an interest in your products, and do it in a concise, measurable way. With newspaper advertising, your lucky if the newspaper reaches 50% of the households in your market and then you have the luck of the draw about placement of your ad. With radio, there are so many stations available in a market you can’t possibly saturate your message to be effective. And there is no way to know what type music someone listens to that is a potential buyer for your product. Same with television, there’s a million cable channels and the cost to saturate a market is too expensive for most businesses. Direct Mail, on the other hand is both targetable and measurable. If you can describe the demographic traits, habits or lifestyle of your customer, we very likely can find a universe just like them to mail your custom message to. And you will know how effective the project is when complete, because you know how many you mailed, you know how many folks respond and you will know how many translated into sales. ASAP Direct Mail has incredible list resources available and Professionals on our staff to help guide you to the right choice to maximize your chances for success. Contact us today and we’ll help you get your message in front of potential buyers tomorrow.
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